white white or white…..selecting colours for your space

white white or white…..selecting colours for your space

white white or white…..selecting colours for your space

The time has come to select your colour palette for your space. The builder has advised they need the colours pronto!

You stand in front of the colour chart at the paint store and a wave of overwhelming colour blur sets in as you stare vacantly at the myriad of whites…..


You had imagined just how amazing it would all look at the end and what seems to present as a simple task suddenly feels so huge. The dulux whites, at least 50 shades of whites to select from….but which one will work. You ask the helpful assistant at the counter who kindly explains that the tone will vary throughout the day and enquires how much light the room gets.  This information only creates further angst as the house barely has a wall yet…

Firstly, breathe and stay calm…

Secondly, ….have a google, many stylist and paint experts discuss in detail online about which whites work and why….or ask your Architect, builder or interior designer for advice. There are colour specialists available if you really need further support.

A few helpful sites:



We all make mistakes: A good little lesson



My tips:

Grab a few sample pots with a range of cool and warmer whites  up to 6 would be reasonable and manageable), pop over to your site and start painting. On the wall, timber boards or anything available. Then wait, wait for them to dry, wait to see them throughout the day, pop by in the morning, then again in the afternoon, look at them under warm lighting and daylight and next to other selected features like floorboards/ panels and any other colour features you have selected. You will notice some are creamy, some stark and others grey, some have blue to green undertones, others pink-ish…..eliminate as you go and you should be able to narrow it down.

Dulux White on white might look terrific for the exterior of your home yet could be a mistake inside if there is not much light. Suddenly your fresh white room will have blue-ish tones….likewise a creamy white may look terrific in the bright lounge yet terrible in a darker bedroom. You usually have till the painter is a few days off start date to make final selections so don’t be too hasty…