Entertaining in style – Autumn brunch

Entertaining in style – Autumn brunch

Entertaining in style – Autumn brunch


Sunday brunch in style…..


Entertaining for me is all about the preparation and the presentation, it’s my weekend meditation. I am in my happy place when preparing and displaying dishes, forks, cups, flowers, bowls, food, anything really. It also gives me a chance to use all my grandfathers old worn silverware and platters.  It’s a simple pleasure like watering the lawn ( I love that too…) and the reason I love to make Sunday bunch.

Friends and family popping over for brunch, a great way to spend an Autumn Sunday morning after a chilly morning at soccer in the park.

I can spend hours flicking through my cookbooks during the week, finding new dishes to make. I usually end up adding a new one to my repertoire every now and then but generally stick with my standard menu for the most part.

I love to take my time dishing up colourful fresh foods in my ever expanding collections of ceramics and dishes…..then placing them strategically along our large dining table for the feast to begin. It is about balance, contrast, colours and textures, a visual feast that can be eaten! I don’t usually overthink the menu and use mostly what I have available already at home. It is usually a Saturday local market shop for the finer foods, cheeses and fresh olives. Prepping as much the night before so I can relax and enjoy Sunday morning without mess is my key to staying calm when entertaining.



A typical Sunday brunch menu in our home includes fresh Iggy’s bread bought at 7am to beat the queue, eggs of some kind usually a frittata with fresh picked garden herbs, baked mushrooms soaked in olive oil, garlic and thyme, home made hummos and tahini, fried haloumi, smoked trout, nuts and dried fruits, a freshly baked cake ( Persian love cake shown in pics. made for it’s looks and incidentally delicious too!), cheeses and fresh cut lemongrass for tea.

Happy Sunday xo



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